£105 Glasgow gift cards sent to 85,000 households

The £105 gift cards given to 85,000 households across Glasgow have been sent out.

Glasgow City Council has confirmed that the gift cards, which are given out to support low-income households during the cost of living crisis and boost businesses recovering from the pandemic, have been sent out.

The council said “maps have been posted and should be with you in the next few days”.

The gift card can be spent across Glasgow.

Council leader Susan Aitken said: “The 85,000 cards we will be sending out soon will provide a double benefit to Glasgow communities.

“They will give additional purchasing power to low-income households, across the city, at a time when they face the worst pressures in decades – but they will also provide a much-needed economic stimulus and a real boost to businesses. locals on our main streets, while they are still recovering from the covid pandemic.

She added: “It’s really important that people keep the first letter they receive safe, so they can activate their card and enjoy all the benefits of shopping local – and that businesses consider how the scheme can work for them.”

Gift cards can only be spent in Glasgow and at businesses registered to accept them. More than 700 locations, including stores, restaurants, lounges and tourist attractions, have joined the program.

Funding for the project has been allocated from a £9.45million economic stimulus package given to the council by the Scottish Government.

Michael N. Clark