60 Best Gift Cards to Give as Gifts in 2022

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Gift cards are the kind of gifts that can seem obvious or unimaginative, a step up from cutting up a check and inserting it into a card. But hear us out: they’re actually incredibly useful and can even be personal – if you think about it a bit.

A good place to start is to think about what your gift could really use right now. Did he just move into a new house or apartment? Give them a card to buy kitchen items or home decor. Are they starting a new job or internship? Money for work-appropriate clothing could go a long way. Did they go through a tough time or do they need a little help to take a break? You can buy a gift card that helps them travel, splurge on scented candles, or grab snacks.

To help you, we’ve grouped all the gift cards below into different categories, so you can jump straight to what you think your recipient would want the most. Oh, and psst: digital gift cards and subscriptions great last minute gifts if you are in trouble.

Michael N. Clark