Avion Tequila partners with artist David Flores for a holiday gift set

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for the tequila lover in your life? Airplane has you covered. Award-winning producer from Jesús María, Mexico teamed up with renowned painter and muralist David Flores to create a unique vacation “drop”.

The gift set includes amenities intended to woo tequila fans and art lovers alike. Inside you’ll find drinking glasses, an ice cream mold, playing cards and a personalized bluetooth speaker, all incorporating a custom design by Flores. It will go on sale exclusively through NTWRK, a live buying platform, at 4 p.m. EST on December 17. The price is set at $ 44 in honor of Avion Extra Añejo’s signature, Reserva 44. To be clear, this bottle will be not be included in the box, due to restrictions on shipping alcohol to all 50 states.

But here’s the crazy part: he Is it that include a $ 200 gift card. Which means you can wet the set with the appropriate liquid however you see fit. Don’t ask me how the math works. I’m just here to talk about tequila and art. And to that end, I sat down with David Flores for an exclusive interview about his partnership with Avion.

What was the genesis of this collaboration?

Tequila Avion approached me with the idea of ​​organizing a set that would highlight moments rooted in a great friendship. For me, a lot of these experiences and ideas are created by spending time with friends and family. My studio is a special place for all of us, where we often listen to music and drink good tequila. Highlighting these moments felt genuine to me and my enthusiasm for the partnership was instantaneous.

Talk about this gift box and what’s in it?

Reinventing the Airplane logo seemed like the next logical step with my work which currently represents flowers. In the gift box, we wanted to focus on high quality items that enhance the experience and let you focus on those ‘high end’ friendships. The custom-designed cabinet was a must for me as music plays a big role in my studio. Details like engraved glassware add a touch of elegance, while the box itself is a unique work of art.

Talk about your new mural in the Bowery. How long did it take you to design and execute?

I recently finished the Bowery mural, with my partner Olivia bevilacqua. It was an honor bestowed on us by Goldman Global Arts. I think it is an accomplishment to be invited to present my work in such a historic and legendary place. Being able to add my name to the greats list is like recognized years of hard work. Mural painting takes a great deal of physical effort and we have focused our efforts on mastering public art for the past 12 years. The design process requires a lot of thought before the brush hits the wall. For this mural, I worked closely with Olivia to create a concept that would provoke a feeling of joy for the viewer. The pleasure, the excitement of being alive, the feeling of euphoria. These are the emotions we knew we wanted to share with audiences and from that determination we pondered some footage for about a month that made us feel that way.

What interests you most about tequila?

I have always enjoyed tequila. Over the past few years I have built my new art studio. I have an underground bar style bar there and tequila is the go-to. I’ve found that my taste has refined over the years and when I have a drink with friends, I prefer a nice glass of extra añejo tequila on ice. What interests me most is the quality of the tequila and my friendships.

You worked with the Mexican consulate, did you spend time in Jalisco? And have you spent time exploring the cultural roots of tequila?

Yes, working with the Mexican Consulate has been another monumental project that I am very proud to be a part of. We made a magnificent mural based on the enrichment of the community. The consulate brought world-famous artists to a region that sees very little. The whole project pushed the boundaries. Not only to present a new caliber of artwork to so many people, but to test the abilities of my team and myself. The equipment posed the greatest challenge when the aerial work platform was not safe to use. Forcing us to paint suspended from a large crane. We did not go to Jalisco on this trip, but I hope we get the chance to do so soon. We were able to spend a day in Teotihuacán, which started with a tequila tasting at 8am.

Are there any qualities / characteristics that really stood out to you about Reserva 44 in particular?

Reserva 44 is a great tequila to sip on. Lately, I’ve been enjoying taking my time, enjoying the flavor profile on ice cream, and diving into a conversation. It’s a fantastic addition to my vacation lineup.

Michael N. Clark