Be exclusive with gift cards

Many gamers today play on more than one platform, as surely every household has a PC and probably a console or a few for these exclusive games. But rocking a few consoles can lead to the bank breaking, which can be avoided by buying from the market that has the gamers best intentions in mind. From video game keys to console subscriptions and gift cards, Eneba has your back when you need to spend less on all things gaming. Now that you know where to buy cheaper gift cards, what can you do with them?

Pay less for games with Nintendo Switch gift cards

Nintendo Switch as a hybrid console was a genius idea. Playing on the TV and taking your video games on the go is something other companies are still trying to achieve successfully, mostly through streaming. Nintendo, on the other hand, is ahead by leaps and bounds. However, it didn’t come without a downside, mostly due to Switch being less powerful than its competitors. Due to a lack of hardware power, Nintendo primarily focuses on digital video game releases through their Nintendo eStore.

Another thing is that, as fantastic, unique and exclusive as Nintendo games are, their price very rarely drops, which means that even Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, released in 2017, still costs $60. So be it, Nintendo. However, if you are looking to get Nintendo games cheaper, Nintendo Switch Gift Cards are a viable option. You just need to know where to look.

With Nintendo Switch Gift Cards, you can also pay for game add-ons or subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service which offers online play, cloud saving, classic Nintendo games and allows subscribers to buy special Nintendo controllers that look like NES, SNES or even N64 gamepads. All compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Fuel your PC with Steam Gift Cards

Steam is still the leading platform when it comes to PC gaming. Not only is it home to many games that rarely come to consoles, but it is also a great platform for video game developers and gamers to communicate with each other to create better games through early access. It’s hard to count how many games have been improved and only released after player feedback. Being part of the Steam community and playing a role in creating better games sounds great, right?

You can become the one whose feedback could improve a game that millions of people will play. But to do this you must first buy and play the game you can do with Steam Gift Cards. Not only that, but these small cards can also be used to pay for Nintendo Switch’s main rival and the new Steam console – Steam Deck which is a portable PC!

Pay for your Xbox with the Xbox Gift Card

Xbox gift card is a unique item because it can be used for more than just purchasing top notch games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection or the Gears of War series, DLC and in-game currency on the Xbox console. It can also be redeemed and used across the Microsoft Store. Here you can find many gaming peripherals and accessories like headphones, Xbox controllers, charging stations, hard drives or even gaming t-shirts. But the best part is that you can customize your own Xbox controller!

Every Voided Gift Card is actually the same, it’s what you can buy with it that makes it unique, therefore, also makes you unique. The best part about gift cards is that they have no expiration date and can be used whenever you want and as the perfect gift for a gaming friend or relative.

Michael N. Clark