Best Holiday Gift Cards: There’s No Shortage of Last Minute Giveaways

Striving to fill those vacation wishlists before next week? Do not panic. With gift cards, you can offer the happiness of shopping to your loved ones without worrying about delivery dates being pushed back by the hour. To save you even more time, I’ve scoured the internet for the best gift cards available, ranging from department store, restaurant, and digital services. Snap one of these picks and you’ll receive instant gratification this holiday season.

For your convenience, many retailers, including Starbucks, Amazon, and Target, also offer the option of texting gift cards. It’s an easy way to spread the holiday cheer to your family, friends or coworkers. To do this, download the apps from the stores and buy gift cards as you usually do. When paying, choose the option to send the gift card by email or SMS. If you’re on iOS, you’ll also see toggles in your iMessage that let you send gift cards in a conversation.

For the undecided, do their shopping from A to Z



An Amazon Gift Card is probably the safest choice on this list, but also the most useful. With an endless catalog of items to browse, an Amazon Gift Card gives your recipient the freedom of choice. The retailer is promising one- to two-day shipping for its physical gift cards – which come in holiday-themed packaging – and same-day delivery for digital gift cards.

The best technology with a price match


Best buy

For decades, Best Buy has been a tech haven for enthusiasts and geeks, carrying virtually every brand and tech product you could think of. While Amazon has caught up in the last few years when it comes to gadget offerings, there’s still a reason to buy from Best Buy instead: price match. Show any floor associate a better deal on a product and its price will match the competition. While inventory and shipping times have taken a hit, a Best Buy gift card is your best bet for any tech-loving recipient.

Gourmets, rejoice


Complete his vacation with the gift of food! I mean, everyone loves to eat, don’t they? Food delivery services like Grubhub have exploded over the past two years, and the pandemic is just another reason to eat there. With a Grubhub gift card, you can order delivery (or take out) to hundreds of local restaurants, including mom-and-pop locations – all from the comfort of your home.

One year subscription to Disney Magic



There is only one streaming service that gives you high definition playback of the multiverse of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Treat your recipient to a one-year Disney Plus membership with this digital gift card. With it, they’ll have access to the latest superhero movies and animations, and even vacation classics like Alone at home.

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Custom craftsmanship

etsy cutting board


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been shopping for birthday and holiday gifts on Etsy for many years, and maybe you have, too. And if there’s one thing you need to know about buying bespoke gifts, it’s that they take time. That’s why an Etsy Gift Card is a timely and thoughtful gift, especially if your recipient enjoys arts and crafts. You will also be supporting local businesses!

The next one rolls over you



Is a family member flying over for the holiday season? Offer them an Uber ride to or from the airport. Offer to someone who doesn’t cook? Offer them free take-out. An Uber Gift Card is more flexible than you might think and makes a great gift that will come in handy, whenever and wherever.

Dozens of beauty brands to buy from

sephora virtual artist demo


For all the glitz and glamor, a Sephora gift card is the perfect last minute gift. The retailer is home to dozens of beauty brands, ranging from skincare and cosmetics to fragrances, allowing your recipient to try a bit of this or that, or replenish their favorite products.

Michael N. Clark