BJP candidate accused of handing out gift box with rosary beads and candles to attract Christian voters

A BJP candidate running in the municipality of Karumathampatti is accused of distributing gift boxes with a rosary and candles to attract Christian voters.

Karumthampatti sources said Christian voters in Ward 8 of the municipality received the gift boxes with rosary beads and candles. A plate in the gift box had a sticker asking to vote for Periasamy, a BJP candidate.

They said BJP supporters distributed the gift to Christian voters in the neighborhood.

Karumathampatti Municipality is facing the first election of an urban local body after being transformed from a city panchayat to a municipality.

Out of the 27 local body wards, the BJP fielded its candidates in 10 wards.

Home to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, the municipality has a significant number of Christian voters.

The sources added that distributing religious items such as the rosary and candles could be a way to appeal to Christian voters, especially when the BJP is accused of acting against the feelings of religious minorities.

An official from the election flying team covering the neighborhood said it would investigate the alleged distribution of gift boxes containing religious items.

Michael N. Clark