Campus 805 will give away $50,000 in gift cards to Huntsville Hospital employees

As a “thank you” to Huntsville Hospital employees for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Huntsville business group is offering $50,000 in gift cards to these employees.

Campus 805a development near downtown Huntsville that includes restaurants and craft breweries, donates to the hospital’s foundation, which will then distribute the gift cards to employees.

“We have been well cared for during the pandemic by Huntsville Hospital and want their employees to know how much we appreciate their sacrifice and hard work,” said Randy Schrimsher, president of Schrimsher Company, Inc. and developer of Campus n ° 805, in a statement.

“When I recently needed surgery at Huntsville Hospital, I was so impressed with the care I received. Watching everyone from doctors, nurses and technicians to food service workers, I realized just how much they do for patients. This donation is just a small thank you for the people who are on the front line every day.

The Campus 805 development is unique in that the center of the area is a retired high school and middle school. It takes its name from its formation as well as the last three digits of its postal code. Campus 805 is made up of nearly twenty companies and includes an event space.

“I have been a patient several times at Huntsville Hospital and have always received exceptional care,” said Roark, partner of Yellowhammer Brewing at Campus 805, in a statement. “It is important to let these workers know how valued and appreciated they are. I encourage other businesses in the community to do the same by recognizing and supporting hospital employees.

“The Huntsville Hospital Foundation is extremely grateful to Campus #805 for recognizing the invaluable work of our healthcare heroes in this generous way,” said Sarah Savage-Jones, President of the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. Huntsville Hospital, in a statement. “Our hospital departments are delighted to be able to use these gift cards for a well-deserved evening, a team meal or a morale boost. After more than two years of battling COVID, it means to the world that our community continues to thank them in creative ways like this.

Michael N. Clark