Chagee’s Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Set comes with premium tea for your loved ones.

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Along with the Mid-Autumn Festival, CHAGEE, a premium tea beverage brand, introduces its one-of-a-kind mooncake series as well as premium tea flavors.

This gift set captures the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival, with the theme of blooming flowers under the beautiful moonlight (花好月圆).

It is inspired by the tradition of thanksgiving of said festival, where loved ones gather for a night of moon-viewing, where they enjoy delicious flower-shaped mooncakes accompanied by aromatic infused tea while enjoying each other’s company.

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Of course, the gift sets come in beautiful packaging to impress your friends and family.

(Credit: CHAGEE)

What’s in the box?

There will be 6 delicate flower-shaped mooncakes and two signature premium teas in a gift box. You can let your loved ones pair the decadent mooncakes with refreshing and smooth tea blends.

(Credit: CHAGEE)

The 2 signature teas:

  • 1x Jasmine snow bud
  • 1x Sticky Green Tea

6 of the mooncake flavors available in the gift box:

  • 1x chocolate moon cake
  • 1x Golden Starlight with Single Yolk Mooncake
  • 1x Golden Emerald with Single Yolk Mooncake
  • 1x green tea moon cake
  • 1x Lotus Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake
  • 1x red bean mooncake
(Credit: CHAGEE)

In addition to having several flavors to choose from, the mooncakes they offer are also halal certified, made by Oversea Mooncake.

This Mooncake Gift Box will be available on CHAGEE Shopee official store from August 8th for limited quantity pre-order (1000 boxes only) at RM148 (early bird promotion).

Subsequently, from August 18, said gift box will be available at all their outlets at the original price, RM168.

(Credit: CHAGEE)

So surprise your loved ones with mooncakes and teas, they will surely love it!

For more information, visit their website and Facebook.

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