Coles offers 10% off Mastercard gift cards

Australian supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths have unveiled new initiatives to help customers cope with the rising cost of living.

Coles and Woolworths have announced new measures to help customers meet the rising cost of living.

Woolworths will freeze prices of essential trolley items until the end of the year to ease pressure on shoppers.

Coles will offer customers 10% off a gift card for their stores.

Food prices have steadily increased across the country over the past year, putting pressure on Australian households.

While the price increases first affected meat and imported products, they have since spread to almost all other food products.

Vegetable prices have skyrocketed, with some Australian supermarkets charging as much as $10 for a lettuce due to shortages caused by a poor growing season and flooding.

This prompted Woolworths to freeze prices on private label products and essential trolley items like flour, sugar, canned tomatoes, frozen peas, chicken fillets, washing powder and washing up liquid.

Woolworths Group leader Brad Banducci said the average family spends more than $200 a week on groceries and basic necessities.

“We know it’s a big chunk of the weekly household budget,” he said.

“As we all grapple with the challenges of inflation, rest assured that the entire Woolworths team is committed to ensuring that you can always get the value from your Woolies.”

Mr Banducci advised customers to be creative and shop seasonally, look for the Woolworths logo on packaging and use the fuel discount when filling up the car.

This comes at a crucial time for consumers who are dealing with soaring prices for basic commodities and conveniences like gasoline and fresh produce.

Starting Wednesday, for one week only, Coles is offering 10% off the total transaction price for $100 and $250 gift cards, though there are additional purchase fees.

A $250 Coles Mastercard gift card, with a $7 purchase fee, will cost $231.30, which means a savings of $18.70.

Customers will receive an additional $5.50 when they purchase a $100 Coles Mastercard gift card, with a $5 purchase fee, for $94.50.

There is a limit of five gift cards per customer, which means shoppers would save $93.50 if they purchased five $250 gift cards.

The majority of consumers (58%) use gift cards for their weekly groceries, followed by utility and utility bills.

Coles Non Food chief executive Jonathan Torr said the offer was aimed at helping Australians cope with the current cost of living crisis.

“We understand that many Australians are feeling the pinch of rising cost of living pressures and we are always looking for ways to provide the best value at Coles to help make a difference,” he said.

“The 10% off select Coles Mastercards will provide temporary relief on day-to-day spending, as the gift cards can be used on anything from the weekly shop to paying household bills – they can even be used to maximize savings at other retailers in the end. – sales for the financial year.

This offer is only available until next Tuesday while supplies last in Coles supermarkets.

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Michael N. Clark