Colleyville to distribute $35 gift cards to residents in June

The Town of Colleyville will distribute gift cards to residents for the summer.

According to the city’s June 10 newsletter, every household in Colleyville will receive a $35 “patriotic gift card” beginning in mid-June to use at participating local businesses. Gift cards will be valid until July 31.

“Once in hand, the gift card may be presented at participating Colleyville businesses for payment for services,” the bulletin reads. “Businesses will use the card to credit the transaction and receive reimbursement from the city.”

Additionally, the city will provide $50 Colleyville Cares Cards to each place of worship in Colleyville to be distributed to members of the congregation in need of assistance, according to the bulletin.

The gift card program is just one of many City of Colleyville programs to help local businesses. Colleyville began its gift card programs in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Residents receive a $35 gift card by mail to use at participating businesses. Gift cards have been sent out multiple times, with the latest set of gift cards being given out in November and December for the holidays.

For a list of participating companies, Click here. For questions regarding the gift card program, the city asks citizens to contact the General Manager’s office at 817-503-1111.

Michael N. Clark