Company 15th Anniversary Gift Box Filled with Goodness

TG OCEAN Health Food Industries Sdn Bhd celebrates its 15th anniversary with the launch of its new Shine gift set aimed at encouraging families to eat healthy.

Retailing at RM128 per box, it contains some of the company’s bestsellers – Oat King, Oat King Sport, Oat King Chocolate and Golden Oat – imported from Finland and other countries.

The range of items offers consumers a good sample of Oat King’s award-winning product range.

The gift set offering different flavors has something for everyone in the family, from kids to seniors.

Most importantly, Oat King products are all-natural and consist primarily of grains.

No preservatives, food additives or artificial colors and flavors are used.

Marketing Manager Reenee Teh said the bundle offers savings of around RM50, as buying all four products individually at retail would cost nearly RM180.

“Due to the rising cost of living in Malaysia and the current uncertain global economic climate, many people are struggling financially and need to cut back on food expenses.

“We designed this gift set to be affordable because we don’t want families to sacrifice their health during these difficult times.

“It’s also a wonderful gift for friends, colleagues or associates,” Teh said.

“As a leading player in the health food industry, we wanted to take the lead in contributing to the well-being of Malaysians,” Teh said.

“We want consumers to be able to stretch their ringgit further as the country continues to recover from the pandemic.

“It’s part of our philosophy of enabling everyone to eat healthy without putting a strain on their wallet.

“We hope that our efforts will thus contribute to creating a happy and healthy society,” she added.

The Shine Gift Set can be ordered through TG Ocean’s online shopping platform ( or purchased at major pharmacies nationwide.

For more information on Oat King products, call Choong on 016-458 3677.

Alternatively, browse the company’s Facebook page.

Michael N. Clark