Delta threw a ‘pizza party’ for passengers and offered $6,000 gift cards after a series of delays and cancellations

Delta hosted a “pizza party” for passengers and offered them $6,000 gift cards after their flight suffered multiple delays and had to be turned back, according to a TikTok post.

Elizabeth Ochoa had planned to travel from Boston to Rome on Wednesday. After 12 hours, she said in a TikTok post that the flight finally took off, before being forced to return to Logan Airport an hour later due to a gas leak.

Ochoa said Fortune that when they landed, Delta staff offered a $6,000 Mastercard gift card to any passenger wishing to move their trip to Friday or Saturday.

She declined the gift card offer and opted for a flight on Thursday, but then faced another delay of around 90 minutes.

Ochoa then posted a TikTok stacks of pizzas from Nick’s Place Online that she said Delta ordered in response to the second delay.

“I travel overseas very frequently,” Ochoa told Fortune. “I noticed that due to the shortage of pilots, there were a lot of cancellations or delays. But this was the first time I had organized a pizza party.”

The passengers seemed to enjoy the pizza, Ochoa told Fortune. She also said Delta refunded all tickets for the originally canceled flight and offered to pay for any accommodations they couldn’t get a refund for.

“Delta really did a great job trying to troubleshoot everyone’s destination plans. It was a fun and super cool way to lift their spirits a bit more during the flight,” Ochoa told Fortune. She arrived in Rome on Friday – a day later than expected.

“While these circumstances are rare, Delta prides itself on a culture that empowers our employees to make decisions like these to do the right thing for our customers,” a spokesperson told Fortune. .

“In this case, while working to ensure that our customers are relocated to their destinations following an unfortunate disruption to their travels, our airport team has made the decision to order pizzas for affected customers over the course of this process,” they added. “We applaud them for this gesture while apologizing to our customers for the delay.”

Delta did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Michael N. Clark