Disney Plus gift cards – delivery, info, price and why you should buy one

Disney Plus Gift Cards are just what the doctor ordered if you ended up leaving gift shopping to the last minute (don’t worry, your secret is safe with us). These online codes on the official Disney website will arrive immediately in the inbox of your choice, meaning you don’t have to worry about delivery times. As long as the recipient doesn’t already have the Disney streaming service (in which case they won’t be able to redeem the card), this is the perfect last-minute gift.

How much do Disney Plus gift cards cost, though? The price varies from country to country, but it always guarantees you a full year of service. It also saves you money in the long run. ‘Cause the map will set you back $79.99 in the US, £79.90 in UK, $119.99 in CanadaWhere $119.99 in Australia, you manage to save $16, £16 or CA/AU$22 compared to paying Disney Plus on a monthly basis. In other words, the recipient gets 12 months for the price of 10.

For more on Disney Plus gift cards, keep reading – we’ve got more details below. But before going any further, remember: these cards can only be activated by new subscribers. If the recipient already has a Disney Plus subscription, they habit be able to use the card. As such, it’s worth double-checking before committing to the idea.

Disney Plus Gift Card – United States

Disney Plus Gift Card – UK

Disney Plus Gift Card – Canada

Disney Plus Gift Card – Australia

Disney Plus gift card – everything you need to know

Disney Plus Gift Cards

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How long does a Disney Plus Gift Card last?

All Disney Plus Gift Cards provide a full year of streaming service; the recipient will receive a 12 month subscription upon redeeming the code.

Unfortunately for those looking to save some cash, this is the only option available at the moment – at the time of writing there are no cheaper Disney Plus gift cards with a discounted subscription.

Who can use a Disney Plus Gift Card?

The only people who can redeem Disney Plus gift cards are new subscribers who don’t already have the service. If they do, the card won’t work – as stated on the official Disney Plus website, these cards “cannot be used to pay for an existing subscription”.

With that in mind, existing members should check out the latest Disney Plus sign-up offers or Disney Plus bundles instead.

Can you get a physical Disney Plus gift card instead of a digital card?

Hoping to grab a genuine Disney Plus gift card you can hold in your hands? It could be a bit tricky. Physical cards are hard to find and are only available at select Disney USA stores and Disney Parks. Therefore, most of us will have to settle for the standard digital code.

Disney Plus Gift Card – Worldwide Offers

Disney+ gift card

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Unfortunately, Disney Plus gift cards haven’t been released anywhere the streaming service can be found. This means you will need to check and see if there is an equivalent for your region.

If you’re unlucky, be warned: you cannot redeem Disney Plus Gift Cards from outside your countrybecause it won’t work and you will have wasted your money and time.

If your region doesn’t offer Disney Plus gift cards yet, don’t worry – there are plenty of gift ideas that can help you out in the short term. We recommend starting with the excellent Disney Villainous board game or The Haunted Mansion board game; they are ideal for any Disney fan looking for something new.

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Disney+ gift card

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Want to see what’s going on around you? While the Disney Plus free trial is sadly no longer available, the deals we have left are still extremely reasonable. You will find the latest offers below.

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