Disney Plus gift cards: everything you need to know

If you’re late for your Christmas shopping this year, why not give someone the gift of Disney+? As long as the receiver is not already subscribed to the streaming service, they can use the digital code to sign up for Disney Plus at any time. Here’s everything you need to know about where to get Disney Plus gift cards and how they work.

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To purchase a one-year gift subscription to Disney Plus, visit This site. Gift subscriptions can only be redeemed by new Disney Plus subscribers. They cannot be used to pay for an existing subscription.


Does Disney Plus offer gift cards?

Yes! Disney Plus offers digital gift cards for subscriptions, but there’s a catch. Gift subscriptions can only be redeemed by new Disney Plus subscribers. This means that if someone already has a Disney Plus account, they not be able to redeem any card given to them. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check with the person you intend to gift the card to before committing to a purchase.

Disney Plus Gift Cards will only work in the region where they were purchased. This means that you can only gift them to someone from the same country as you. Here’s a quick price breakdown by region for what a one-year subscription to Disney Plus costs.

  • US – $79.99
  • Canada – $119.99
  • UK – £79.90
  • Australia – $119.99
  • France – €89.90
  • Germany – €89.90

See our complete guide to Disney Plus prices for more information on the cost of packages and future Disney Plus increases.

How to Gift a Disney Plus Membership

You can purchase Disney Plus Gift Cards directly from the Disney+ website. When you purchase a one-year gift subscription, you’ll be asked to provide an email address for your recipient, choose a delivery date, and be given the option to write a personal message.

Then, on the chosen date, Disney will send an email to your recipient, informing them that it is a gift from you and with instructions on how to redeem their gift subscription. Again, remember that these gift cards are for new subscribers only, so make sure the recipient isn’t already signed up for the streaming service.

You’ll pay for their first year of Disney Plus when purchasing the gift subscription. After one year, they will have the option to add their own payment information and continue their subscription.

Can you get physical Disney Plus gift cards?

This can be a little tricky if you’re hoping to give someone a plastic Disney Plus gift card. Physical cards are hard to find in stores and are mostly available in some Disney Stores and Disney parks in North America. This will save you the trip of opting for a digicode.

It might not seem as special to have a map to hold in your hands, but at least digital maps reduce waste and pollution. If you plan to give Disney Plus to a youngster who doesn’t yet have an email address, you can send it to the parents and ask them to print the card on paper.

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No, you cannot use Disney Plus gift cards for existing subscriptions. Current subscribers will need to create a new account under a different email address to redeem a digital gift card.

Disney+ does not currently accept Disney Gift Cards as a form of payment. You can use a Disney Gift Card to purchase a 12-month Disney+ Membership Card available at Disney Parks and Resorts outlets in the United States.

Michael N. Clark