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Updated: Jun 12, 2021 8:07 AM

Danee Swan of Expressly Yours GIfts, with some of the items in her subscription gift bags (Photograph by Jessie Moniz Hardy)

March Expressly Yours Gifts Subscription Box Items (Photograph by Jessie Moniz Hardy)

Danee Swan of Expressly Yours GIfts, with some of the items in her subscription gift bags (Photograph by Jessie Moniz Hardy)

Articles in Expressly Yours GIfts, Last Subscription Gift Bags (Photograph by Jessie Moniz Hardy)

A year ago, Danee Swan had a great idea for a business. She wanted to capitalize on her passion for unique gifts, by creating a gift box subscription company.

She even had an Expressly Yours Gifts name. But when it came to writing a business plan, she struggled.

“I continued to fail,” Ms. Swan said. “I wasn’t following this business plan. I thought oh, they want too much information. I kept getting stuck.

Then someone else started a business similar to his. The time for procrastination was over.

“God was telling me that if I didn’t act on my idea, he would give someone else the idea to act,” Ms. Swan said.

Upon taking a closer look at her own hesitation, she realized that she liked the creative side of things, but needed help with the processing and implementation of the business.

She hired Kennette Burgess from Focus Marketing & Development Solutions to help her.

“She’s put together a marketing plan,” Ms. Swan said. “She helped me set things up.”

At Christmas, Ms. Swan pulled out two Christmas gift boxes.

“They did really well,” she said. “A club was more for a cozy night. There were lovely fluffy socks and body butter from a local company called Dove & Butterfly. There was also a wine glass, a few small masks and there was a coconut shaker and stirrer set. The other bag was for a party night and it contained a gold fanny pack, body butter again, and other items.

The response to the gift box was so positive that she officially launched Expressly Yours Gifts in March. She started with ten clients and slowly built from there.

The Christmas items came in a box, but she has been using “bragging bags” ever since.

“I wanted everything to be usable,” she said. Customers can sign up to receive a gift bag once, quarterly or annually.

“They are thematic,” she said. “The theme for this month is the beach. Our theme for March was gratitude. I made a special gratitude t-shirt for this order.

So far, most of its customers order the subscription bags for themselves, but a few have also purchased them as gifts for other people.

One of her biggest challenges was finding what to bag.

“Bringing stuff to Bermuda is pretty expensive,” she said. “I am still looking for different suppliers.

“I found this site beautiful and thought I could use it, but they don’t ship to Bermuda even though I have a forwarder address,” Ms. Swan said. “It always tends to be a stumbling block. “

She tries to find things that cannot be easily purchased on sites like Amazon. And each month’s bag contains at least one item made by a Bermuda businesswoman.

“I wanted to source the items from women business owners who share the same spirit of fair trade and sustainability,” she said.

Her March gift bag included a stainless steel water bottle. A portion of the profits from the bottle is donated to a well construction project in Uganda. Proceeds from a gratitude journal in one of the bags are used to support mental health and green charities.

Another challenge for Ms. Swan has been marketing. “I tried to intensify this,” she said.

She works full time at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

“I’m very visual and I love to see what everything looks like when it comes together,” Ms. Swan said. “The most satisfying part is when people receive the article and I have a response,” she said. “I just like to see people smile.”

A one-time gift from Expressly Yours Gifts is $ 70. A quarterly subscription is $ 66 and an annual subscription is $ 232.

For more information see www.expresslyyoursgifts.com, email [email protected], see Facebook @expresslyyoursgifts or Instagram @expresslyyours

Michael N. Clark