Free Wegman’s gift cards at McDonald’s in New York State?

The generosity of New Yorkers really shines during the holidays and this year seems to be the same. In a McDonald’s in SyracuseFor a limited time, Wegman’s Gift Cards will be available for those who need help getting a turkey this year.

Temperatures are dropping and holiday lights are starting to appear on porches and homes. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and some are worried they won’t be able to afford dinner this year.

The year flies away! It seems like we were just talking about which costumes were going to be the hottest and most popular and now we’re seeing Black Friday ads on TV and online. But before hitting that buy button, maybe you want to consider paying for it up front? There’s no greater feeling than helping your neighbor and that’s exactly what happens at a McDonald’s in Syracuse, New York.

Grant Kemerer, who runs the McDonald’s on Teall Avenue, will distribute Wegmans gift cards that people can use to purchase a turkey weighing up to 14 pounds. The giveaway begins at 5 p.m. at the restaurant, but Kemmerer did not reveal how many gift cards will be available.

Here in Western New York, we see people stepping in to help those less fortunate as well. The annual Coats For Kids campaign is in progress. People are asked to donate lightly used or new coats so that children in the Buffalo area who otherwise couldn’t get one can get a coat or jacket for the winter.

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