gift cards for victims of auto theft; MPD reveals new partnership

Safe Auto Group has partnered with the Milwaukee Police Department to provide $50 gift cards to all Milwaukee police stations for auto theft victims.

A check for $5,000 from Safe Auto Group was presented Monday, June 27 to Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman.

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Officers from all seven police districts will have the gift cards to distribute at their discretion. The $50 will help cover some of the services to fix your car, but you can only use it at a particular store.

Milwaukee drivers are all too familiar with piles of broken glass.

“You automatically know someone broke a window and broke into a car,” Beth Billo said. “It’s sad. That’s the reality right now.”

Milwaukee police data shows more than 4,200 cars have been stolen so far in 2022. On Monday afternoon, a new program was announced to help future victims.

“We will receive $50 gift cards totaling $5,000, where officers can distribute these gift cards to auto theft victims,” Norman said.

Gift cards can only be used for services at Safe Auto Group. The owner said it costs between $200 and $500 to replace a broken window, and sometimes stolen cars come back in bad shape.

“For every $50 gift card you’ve given away, if you get a new customer, and even if they only have one broken window, that’s $150 for the business,” Tom said. Almaghrabi, owner of Safe Auto Glass. “It’s a donation. Before we even make the $50, we’re still helping people. It’s not a business opportunity. We’ve been in the city of Milwaukee for 33 years. We want to give something back to the city. “

“It’s time for victims to be rewarded for some of these crazy actions that other people are creating,” Billo said.

Chef Norman said he hoped it would inspire other businesses to partner with them.

Michael N. Clark