Gift cards offered to anglers who catch tagged northern snakeheads – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are teaming up to offer gift cards to anglers who go after invasive northern snakeheads.

In an effort to track and contain the species, agencies place yellow or blue tags on up to 500 northern snakeheads and offer $10 and $200 gift cards depending on the tag to people who catch them. . The reward is in place until 2024.

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The person harvesting the fish must report the tag number to the USFWS at 800-448-8322 and take a photo of the specimen in order to qualify.

“By measuring the amount of northern snakehead harvested, agencies will learn if population benchmarks are being met and help control the spread of the species,” the Maryland DNR said. said in a press release.

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Found in parts of the Chesapeake Bay and Blackwater River, the northern snakehead eats other fish and is a top predator in the upper parts of the bay and river.

Harvesting the snakeheads will reduce “predation pressure” on other species, and the invading fish would be “tasty and nutritious,” according to the Maryland DNR.

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Michael N. Clark