Give the gift of home with a Spice Station gift box

Los Angeles, Calif., December 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Christmas will undoubtedly be different this year. But your gifts don’t have to change. Give the gift of love around the table with a specialty gift set from Spice Station Silver Lake.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Peter Bahlawanian – the co-founder of this specialty store and talk with him about the humble beginnings and inspiration for the store which has now grown to 4 locations across California and Canada. Peter would eventually move from physical locations to a business model only online and delivering to his wholesale customers, but the same feeling of coming in and smelling the spices is still present in the online store. In fact, some of its wholesale customers also include celebrity chefs from across the country, not to mention names, but many have been on the “Top Chef” show.

In her words, the inspiration for a boutique specializing in spices came from her grandmother and the aroma of her culinary flavors from around the world. As a child, Peter says his two grandmothers lived with him, so cooking smells have always permeated his childhood home.

From the humble beginnings of grandma’s home cooking, the SilverLake Spice Station was born.

Pasta is often Peter’s meal of choice and he cites Italian dinner as his go-to flavor profile for many meals “because it feels right at home,” he says. He also claims to carry the African spice, Berbere, as his “dark horse,” used to spice up any bland or unpleasant meal he goes through.

For your perfect gift, you can of course go for one of the founder’s favorites or you can choose from one of the specially selected gift boxes designed with the customer in mind.

In fact, Peter said in his interview, “There’s something really special about having a conversation about what someone wants to cook that night and I’m helping them achieve that. I never felt that Spice Station was a business but rather a service to facilitate a better lifestyle in every kitchen of any home.

To create that feeling, you can choose from a selection of gift sets – starting with the House Blend Gift Set which includes the 9 best blends of the year.

Continue your trip around the world with the following 3 boxes created especially for the 2020 end-of-year celebrations:

Meditteranean Set creates a touch of the regular Mediterranean profile and includes flavors from around the world to create that Mediterranean feel.

The Burger Spice set that also uses mixes, from Korea to Montreal and even Texas to create a burger for every type of burgermeister.

The latest of the sets presented for this season is the Ottolenghi Spice Set, which is inspired by the latest cookbook by the famous chef himself.

There are more sets and with the wide variety of flavors and mixes, you’ll find a unique gift for everyone on your list.

  • New Spice Station Burger Spice Set

  • Peter Founder of Spice Station


Michael N. Clark