How BLUETTI eGift Cards can help you save for what you really want

Home to some of the best solar generators and portable power stations, BLUETTI recently launched its own electronic gift cards, to make shopping easier and more convenient.

But the difference between BLUETTI’s e-gift cards and others is that they do not expire. It’s true! Load a gift card ready for a birthday present, Christmas present or even a treat for yourself, and enjoy the benefits anytime.

Advantages of the BLUETTI electronic gift card

BLUETTI e-gift cards can be spent on all products available via the Online Store. From power stations and power banks to solar panels and battery extenders, there’s so much to discover.

But, the beauty of these gift cards is that there is no expiration date, and first-time buyers will receive $20 off purchases over $1,000. BLUETTI VIPs can also redeem e-gift cards with BLUETTI Bucks, making the benefits even more rewarding.

And that’s not all ! To become a BLUETTI VIP, you just need to place and purchase an order on the website. The more you spend, the higher your ranking. It’s a great way to buy items or gifts you really want, without wasting money, as confirmed by James Ray, Marketing Director of BLUETTI.

When it comes to gifts, recently many people prefer to buy a gift card over other conventional gifts. We’re rolling out this new BLUETTI eGift Card to ensure recipients are flexible to purchase a gift they’ll truly cherish while helping to keep unwanted gifts from ending up in landfills.

With discounts of up to 6%, you could save hundreds of dollars on your e-gift card purchase.

Additionally, BLUETTI eGift Cards also support installment payments, allowing you to make a purchase and spread the cost over a longer period of time to make your investment easier to swallow.

How to buy a BLUETTI e-gift card

Purchasing a BLUETTI eGift Card for yourself or someone else couldn’t be easier. Just go to the The BLUETTI website and select Electronic gift cards from the top.

Next, select the amount you want to spend: $999, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, $6,000, or $8,000. Remember that if you have already purchased with BLUETTI, you are entitled to become a BLUETTI VIP member, which means that you will receive a discount on your purchase.

Add the e-gift card to your card, then proceed with your purchase. There are no processing fees or additional charges, and anyone can purchase an e-gift card from BLUETTI, whether they are a VIP member or not.

How to Redeem a BLUETTI e-Gift Card

Once you have purchased an e-gift card, you will receive a confirmation email with a gift code. Select See the gift card to check the value and redeem your gift code.

The code can be used on any purchase you make and can be entered at Checkout page where the value will be deducted from your order total. If the value of your order exceeds the gift card limit, you can pay the difference using another payment method.

Alternatively, if your purchase is less than the gift card amount, the remaining balance can be used for future redemptions using the same code.

Become a VIP member

To become a BLUETTI VIP member, simply make and finalize a purchase on BLUETTI’s online store. There are four levels of VIP level:

  • Insider (spend more than $10)
  • Connoisseur (spend more than $5,000)
  • Solar Expert (spend over $15,000)
  • Sogen Master (spend over $30,000)

As you move up the VIP ladder, you’ll get a discount on all your purchases, ranging from 2% to 6% off. The discount also includes e-gift card purchases.

In addition to getting cash, BLUETTI VIPs also earn more BLUETTI dollars with every purchase. For example, if you’re a connoisseur, you’ll get a 1.5x points multiplier, which means you’ll get an extra 1,000 BLUETTI dollars on your purchase.

You can start redeeming BLUETTI Bucks from 2,000, which entitles you to a $20 discount coupon or gift card that you, your friends and family can use. 5,000 BLUETTI dollars gets you $50 off and 10,000 gets you $100 off, all with no subscription needed.

Collect the rewards of an electronic gift card

Investing in solar power or portable power stations can be expensive, but the investment is worth it when you think about the money and energy you save.

By purchasing a BLUETTI eGift Card, you can share the love of something rewarding with those you care about, making it a great choice when you’re at a loss for what to give.

And remember, there is no expiration date. So if you know you want to save for a more sustainable lifestyle, you can do so by purchasing a gift card whenever you have money in reserve, ready to redeem whenever you want.

Michael N. Clark