How can I earn free Target gift cards

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If you like Target, try this.

Key points

  • The Target Circle Rewards program helps loyal customers save money and earn rewards.
  • Rewards members can also earn gift cards by taking advantage of gift card offers in the Target mobile app.

With nearly 2,000 stores across the United States, it’s no wonder Target is such a popular place to shop. But Target trips can get expensive if you’re not careful. One way to spend less is to use gift cards to pay for your purchases. Find out how to earn free Target gift cards.

My nearest Target store is about three miles from my house. Although this is very convenient, it can also be bad news for my wallet. I tend to stop there more than necessary, which means I buy things I don’t really need.

One thing that has helped me minimize unnecessary trips to the store is having a plan. I use the Target mobile app to see what’s on sale and organize my shopping list. I can even note which aisle certain items are in to save time when shopping.

But I also use the mobile app to maximize the rewards I receive from the Target Circle Rewards program. This program is free and offers many advantages.

How to use the Target Circle Rewards program to your advantage

As a Target Circle Rewards member, you can do the following:

  • Earn 1% back on your spend
  • Clip Target Circle offers to get money saving discounts

You can enter your phone number at checkout or scan your loyalty card in the mobile app to enjoy these benefits while shopping in store.

But did you know you can also earn free Target gift cards? This could help you keep more money in your bank account while still shopping.

How to Earn Free Target Gift Cards

Here’s how to earn free gift cards. Open the mobile app and navigate to the Target Circle Offers section. This is where you’ll find deals, coupons, and offers that you can clip. I regularly find gift card offers here.

If you see a gift card offer, cut it, then follow the instructions to win a gift card.

For example, in my app, I see the following offer: “Free $15 gift card if you spend $50 on select home essentials.”

Once I click on the offer, if I meet the spending requirements, I will be eligible to earn a free $15 gift card. I can use the gift card on my next shopping trip, which makes my next Target bill $15 cheaper. Over time, these gift card savings can add up.

Remember to check the mobile app often as new gift card offers appear from time to time.

Are Target’s free gift card offers a good deal?

Earning free gift cards can be a smart money move. If you’re already planning on purchasing qualifying products, this is a great way to earn free money to spend on future purchases.

Just be careful not to be tempted to spend money on things you don’t need just to earn a reward.

It’s always best to stick to your budget, otherwise you risk making poor spending decisions and falling into costly credit card debt.

Check out our personal finance resources if you’re looking for more ways to save money and spend less when shopping for your everyday essentials.

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