How to add coupons, gift cards and more to Apple Wallet

Gift cards, coupons, and rewards programs are all ways to raise money or find discounts for your favorite brands. But they can get difficult to track over time – so why not let Apple Wallet do the work for you?

Apple Wallet is compatible with a variety of third-party brands. Once logged in, you can access your gift cards, rewards and other items directly from Wallet. Let’s take a look at the best ways to achieve this.

Find options to automatically add to Apple Wallet

This is by far the easiest option and should be your first step whenever you’ve downloaded a gift card, coupon, or similar item to add to your wallet.

Step 1: Open the email or other communication where you received the card or coupon.

2nd step: Scroll down the message or certificate and look for an option that says Add to Apple Walletwith a distinctive logo that is the same for all brands.

Step 3: Enter your sign-in information, which is usually your name, and sometimes your Apple account or brand ID.

Step 4: The item should now be automatically added to your Apple Wallet.

Step 5: If you don’t see the Add to Apple Wallet logo, look for an option to scan a QR code. This is another way some platforms allow you to quickly add the item to Wallet.

Connect a third-party account to your Apple Wallet

There’s another way to add third-party cards or coupons to your wallet, but it takes a few extra steps and you might not see the option unless you know what to look for. Here’s what to try – this option works for a number of popular brands.

Step 1: Log in to Apple Wallet. Swipe right on the first section until you see an option to Boarding passes and tickets in one place. Select Obtain.

Choose Get in the Boarding Pass section.

2nd step: Select Find apps for Wallet (if you have already downloaded and connected to a supported third-party app, you can skip these steps).

Choose Search apps for Wallet.

Step 3: You will now be redirected to a special part of the App Store where you can see all supported brands for Gift cards, coupons and rewards. Scroll through the list to find the brand you want to add.

There are a few dozen options, including Target, Walgreens, Macy’s, Staples, REI, Home Depot, and more. Unfortunately, if you don’t see your brand on this list, it doesn’t currently support Apple Wallet. Select Obtain when you have found the brand you want.

Find your app in the list for Apple Wallet.

Step 4: Confirm that you want to download the brand app with your face ID or fingerprint, then select Open to head there.

Step 5: Go to the account section of the app and sign in with your third-party account information.

Step 6: Once logged in, look for the option in the app to add or scan a coupon or gift card (rewards cards are usually activated automatically). It may look different from app to app, but you can usually find the option in the account or billing section. Add your card information to your account here. Once processed, you should be able to access it through Apple Wallet.

Add an Apple Gift Card

If you want to add an Apple Gift Card specifically, it only takes a few simple steps. Log in to your iPhone to get started.

Step 1: Go to the App Store. When it opens, select your personal icon in the upper right corner.

2nd step: In your account, select Redeem a gift card or code.

Redeem an Apple Gift Card.

Step 3: Choose to open the Camera and scan the code if possible – it will usually work on any current Apple Gift Card. However, you also have the option of Enter the code manually. Either way should work.

Step 4: Scan or enter your code and choose to add the funds to your account. Money will now be able to be spent through Apple Wallet wherever Apple Wallet is accepted.

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