How to Buy Twitch Gift Cards

Being an internet streamer or content creator is not just about passion and entertainment for the fans. For some, it’s already their bread and butter, especially those who are starting to gain more followers and subscribers.

And on Twitch, streamers and content creators on the platform can get financial support in a variety of ways. One of them includes donations from fans and viewers who connect with their favorite personalities on the platform while having fun alongside.

With that, Tic introduced gift cards as a way for fans to support streamers. These cards can be used to give Bits to creators. Gift cards can also be used to purchase Twitch subscriptions.

Digital gift cards are offered at different prices. The cheapest is $25, and other amounts include $50, $100, and $200. Physical gift cards, on the other hand, cost at least $25. From there, you can customize the amount you want to put on the card.

So far, Twitch Gift Cards are offered in limited countries, such as Australia, UK, Canada, and the US, according to Amazon. You can purchase these gift cards at digital or physical outlets of stores like Amazon, Target, GameStopand best buy.

For more information on Twitch Gift Cards, you can visit the Twitch Gift Card FAQ Page.

Michael N. Clark