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Gift cards are popular for a reason, and you can buy them just about anywhere: retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and websites like Amazon. This makes it a very practical gift to give and receive this holiday season. However, its widespread use also presents some dangers, as gift card fraud is becoming more and more common. While it’s safe to purchase gift cards at eligible locations and websites (since the cards are activated at checkout), you should always avoid websites that advertise a “gift code generator” or similar . This is a misrepresentation and a phishing tactic.

And then there are the third-party websites that offer to buy and sell to consumers – this is where it gets tricky. Gift card brokers let you buy and sell gift cards online or send them to others. Cards can even be used in parts, all from the comfort of your couch. However, you should be careful which service you choose, as there is no general consumer protection for gift card transactions. Unlike unauthorized charges to your credit card, the money you lose on a gift card is probably lost forever.

How to sell gift cards online


With CardCash, you can sell gift cards or redeem them for a coupon at a merchant you like to shop at. As for the sale, the price you get for your gift card varies. For example, for a $25 Target card, you might expect a $20 offer. Typically, you can receive up to 92% of the card’s value. You will never receive 100% complete.


Like other gift card selling sites, GiftCash allows you to simply enter the card you want to sell and the value of the card to get a deal. If it’s a gift card at a popular store like Target or Best Buy, you’ll likely get most of the card’s value, somewhere in the 80% or 90% range. GiftCash accepts cards with a minimum denomination of $25 and a maximum denomination of $2,500.

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With Raise, you, not the website, set the price of your gift card. Publishing your map is free and when someone buys it, Raise gives you a 15% commission. You can also sell gift cards with partial credit, but each physical gift card must be worth at least $10. An electronic gift card must have a balance of at least $5. All gift card balances must be less than $2,000.


ClipKard has a quote tool that tells you if your card is accepted and how much it’s worth. If you like the amount, send the gift card to ClipKard with a prepaid USPS shipping label. You can also choose priority shipping, but the price will be deducted from the money you receive. And whether you sell or buy a gift card here, you will earn loyalty points. If you buy or sell $50 in gift cards, you will earn 50 points. Once you’ve earned 1,000 points, you can redeem them for $10 off your next purchases.

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On Gameflip, players can, among other things, buy and sell gift cards. You can find gift cards from brands like Amazon and Starbucks, but also from providers like Google Play, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. You don’t have to be a gamer to use this site, but it’s helpful. When you sell or buy a gift card here, you create a Gameflip profile, then specify your gift card and the price at which you’re willing to sell it (Gameflip suggests a discount of 2% to 15% of the value and takes a markdown on the sale price, an 8% commission and a 2% digital package if applicable). When you sell your gift card, the money is transferred to your Gameflip wallet. From there you can withdraw it via digital payment systems.


MI stands for Michigan. The website is based out of state. QuickcashMI is a fairly easy to use website. Buy gift cards from a list of brands including JCPenney, IHOP and Amazon. You enter the amount of the gift card and QuickcashMI tells you how much it will pay. The amount usually depends on the brand (which is common on gift card selling websites). For example, if we specified a $100 Zappos gift card, our cash offer was $54. If we specified a $100 Forever 21 gift card, our offer was $25. For a $100 Amazon gift card, we received a cash offer of $75.


GiftCardBin no longer allows you to sell gift cards through the website, but you can access a card on the website and enter your zip code. If one of the 600 partner stores is near you, just bring your gift card and valid ID and get cash back for your gift card.


With the CardSell app, once you’ve shared your gift card details and the merchant has verified them, you can complete the sale and receive the money (within 48 hours) in your PayPal account.

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Not interested in selling your gift cards you no longer need? So why not give them away? This way you can save on birthday or holiday gifts when the season returns. “If there’s someone in your life who you think would make good use of the card, they can save money this Christmas by giving the card back,” says Hollars. “Here’s how to save money by crossing something off your holiday shopping list.

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