Is Walmart giving away $750 Facebook gift cards for its 60th birthday?

Walmart is giving away $750 gift cards on Facebook to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

The context

The Facebook scams promised $750 gift cards to complete surveys on and other sketchy websites not run by Walmart. At the same time, completely separate from the Facebook scams, was a legitimate giveaway operated by which, as of early 2022, was giving away $80,000 in gift cards every quarter.

Fact check

On May 2, 2022, a tip from a reader led us to a Facebook swindle which promised $750 walmart gift cards for the company’s 60th anniversary. The scam appeared in posts as paid ads on the social media platform. They were hosted by a page named Giant Rewards. The ads led to fraudulent surveys on a website named It was not an official gift handled by Walmart.

It was a scam. A check of the Facebook page’s ad library showed it was managed in both the US and Ukraine with several announcements:

A Facebook scam claimed that Walmart was giving away $750 gift cards for its 60th birthday.
These were several of the other ads we found running in early May 2022. (Source: Facebook)

We’ve already reported on a number of other scams that also involved Walmart and Facebook (and some that included the company’s 60th anniversary), including one that claimed KitchenAid mixers cost $2. We also found tracks of a Walmart scam, also on Facebook, that Instant Pot products were priced at $2.

Facebook scams page posted about some of these 60th birthday scams, saying they mentioned stores like Walmart, Argos and others. Some of the screenshots of the page’s posts showed that another scam involved the allegation that Walmart was giving away TVs for $2, which was not true.

According to Scam Stoppers, these scams could all be part of a strategy to trick users into signing up for a subscription service without realizing it. Some users have also reported receiving telemarketing calls immediately after filling out their information.

In short, no Walmart isn’t giving away $750 gift cards for its 60th birthday via a sketchy Facebook page. We recommend avoiding giveaways on Facebook unless the page managing it has a blue and white verified badge.

Note: Besides these Facebook scams, one thing that might surprise some of our readers is that in early 2022, Walmart was legitimately giving away $80,000 in gift cards every three months. As part of one of our previous fact checks, we looked at the very real email surveys that Walmart sent to their customers after they made a purchase. “Win one of five $1,000 Walmart gift cards or one of 750 $100 Walmart gift cards,” the giveaway said. It was all genuine. All indications on showed that it was something the company did quarterly.

Michael N. Clark