KPD’s second Guns for Gift Cards swap takes 60 unwanted guns

KPD’s second Guns for Gift Cards swap takes 60 unwanted guns

The department plans to hold another exchange in September.

The Kirkland Police Department held its second gun-for-gift card swap on July 20, in which it recovered 60 unwanted firearms from community members. In less than two hours, KPD provided $6,975 in gift cards to 21 attendees.

“Giving residents the ability to get rid of guns they no longer want is just one of the steps we can take to help prevent suicides and accidental firearm injuries in Kirkland,” the member said. of council Jon Pascal. “We are happy to see such a high level of participation from community members.”

KPD’s goal for the Guns for Gift Cards program is to reduce gun violence and unwanted firearms in the community. Of the 21 participants, two AR-15/AK-47 firearms were exchanged along with 34 handguns, 22 rifles and shotguns, and two non-functional firearms and pellet guns.

“After our first successful arms swap in June, we didn’t know what the community’s response would be to a second event. But now we do,” said chef Cherie Harris. “Obviously this service is important for those with unwanted firearms.”

During the first event, on June 25, 45 participants brought in a total of 91 firearms in exchange for $11,375 in gift cards. The combined total between the two events is 151 guns in exchange for $18,350 in gift cards.

The KPD plans to organize another Gift Card Guns exchange in September.

Michael N. Clark