Lady M Confections Launches Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gift Box

In August, the French-Asian bakery café chain Lady M Confections will launch a special gift box in honor of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. The holiday is celebrated in many communities in East Asia, and in China it is a reunion time for families, just like Thanksgiving where families come together for celebrations and meals, the center of which is the moon cake.

Lady M adds the Celebration of Lights Mooncake gift set to her collection. The gift set is designed in the shape of a Ferris wheel with each side opening to reveal Lady M’s iconic mini moon cakes, custom-designed with Kee Wah Bakery, in custard and chocolate flavors.

Creamy Moon Cake features Lady M’s creamy egg creme wrapped in a buttery and golden moon cake shell. Lady M’s Chocolate Moon Cake pairs silky chocolate cream with a classic moon cake pastry. Each gift set includes a total of six mini moon cakes stamped with the iconic Lady M logo and is made to be shared and enjoyed over tea.

With some travel restrictions still in place, those celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival are looking for ways to stay connected to their Asian heritage without leaving their home, and Lady M Confections is looking to make that possible with their special gift box.

Michael N. Clark