Lady M Confections Unveils Special Gift Set To Celebrate Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Lady M Confections presents a new limited edition mooncake gift set in honor of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. The holiday is celebrated in many East Asian communities, and in China it is a time of reunion for families, much like Thanksgiving where families come together for celebrations and meals, the center of which is the moon cake.

The French-Asian bakery-café chain’s Celebration of Lights Mooncake gift set is inspired by the mid-autumn festivities. The box features a sparkling, luminous Ferris wheel in vibrant shades of deep navy, royal purple and gold, and a moon rabbit on the packaging (the mythical rabbit symbolizes the annual full moon celebration and harvest abundant in autumn).

Inside the Ferris wheel are sweet surprises. Each side of the wheel opens to reveal Lady M Mini Mooncakes, custom designed with Kee Wah Bakery, in custard and chocolate flavors. The Custard Mooncake features Lady M’s creamy egg custard wrapped in a buttery, golden mooncake shell. Chocolate Mooncake combines silky chocolate pastry cream with classic mooncake baking. Each gift box includes six mini mooncakes stamped with the Lady M’s logo.

The Lady M Celebration of Lights Mooncake Gift Set ($72) comes packaged in a personalized Lady M shopping bag, along with a greeting card and envelope. Lady M is also offering an online-exclusive set, where customers can purchase the chain’s new Purple Yam Mille pancakes in conjunction with the gift set for $160. The gift sets will be available in US stores beginning Friday, September 3 and online beginning Thursday, August 12.

Michael N. Clark