Start your brewing adventure with everything you need to make a great beer. The Kama Citra Craft Beer Making Gift Set is a complete brewing setup designed by real brewers with premium equipment and the freshest ingredients. The kit not only includes the equipment you need to brew, but also includes everything you need to bottle your beer.

We’ve taken the complexity out of brewing beer and put together clear, easy-to-follow instructions to make your first day of brewing simple, fun and, most importantly, successful.

The Kama Citra Session IPA is one of our most popular recipe kits. We make our recipe kits with the freshest ingredients, so you can make the best beer possible.

The Craft Beer Making Kit is truly an all-in-one home brewing starter kit.

Craft Beer Making Gift Set Includes:

• Everything you need to brew your own beer
• a craft beer making gift box without a siphon
• Kama Citra Session IPA beer recipe kit
• a superior quality siphonless fermenter
• 12 bottles + capper + 20 red caps + customizable bottle labels
• 2 exclusive Northern Brewer pint glasses
• This kit produces 1 gallon of beer, or approximately 10 12-ounce bottles.

Kama Citra: The Kama Citra Session IPA Recipe Kit unites die-hard Cascade and Centennial traditionalists with the bold tropical character of Citra hops. Instead of clashing awkwardly, these fiery hops take on rare form and flavor in an infusion that rushes down the tongue in shards of ripe citrus. Kama Citra’s fresh ingredients combine to deliver an irresistible aroma, supported by an incredibly smooth malt backbone for a satisfying union of Sessionable and IPA. No holdback required. This very tasty IPA beer kit that allows you to drink more than one.

Additional information

• Total manufacturing time – 6 weeks
• Alcohol content – Medium
• Yield – 1 gallon
• Beer style – IPA session
• Beer Recipe Kit Instructions – Click here for recipe kit instructions.

Michael N. Clark