Necessary Box x Kosas

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

Have you met The Body Lotion and Lip Fuel, class of 2019? Not only did they both graduate at the end of the year, with perfect grades (or at least five-star reviews), but they were also voted the most popular. You’ve probably noticed these two photogenic outperformers appearing everywhere, especially on Instagram, where they’ve racked up a lot of mentions and followers in a short period of time.

It’s easy to see why. They are both LA transplants who love the ‘clean’ life, minimalism, and beautiful typefaces. The Body Lotion by Necessaire and Lip Fuel by Kosas also share a common enemy – dry skin – and do all they can to protect you from it. The body lotion makes your legs look like you’ve just been shaved (even if you haven’t) and is perfectly fragrance-free. Lip Fuel is a soft, smooth ChapStick with a cool, invigorating tint that smooths out any cracks and rough edges on your lips.

Although Lip Fuel and The Body Lotion frequent the same circles a lot, their busy schedules often prevent them from being in the same place at the same time. But luckily for you (or someone you know) you can hang out with both while they’re home for the holidays, meaning both products are available in one. together. So call the Dream Team, see what their plans are, and do something fun together (like hydrate and take lots of selfies).

Necessary Box x Kosas

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Michael N. Clark