PS Now gift cards reportedly pulled from UK retailers, new streaming service could be on the way

PS Now cards will be gone entirely from 21 January in the UK, so maybe wait until you renew that subscription.

PS Now Cards

UK retailers will soon be without a basic checkout line item. Sony has recalled all of its PlayStation Now subscription gift cards, possibly indicating that the platform plans to reveal its own Game Pass-style service soon.

GamesBeat has obtained an email sent to retailers across the UK advising them to withdraw all PS Now gift cards by January 21. “, read the message, “and update their digital arrays in accordance with the next trade update this week.

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This “business update” could be a new subscription service that was leaked last month in a Bloomberg report. Sony hasn’t stood idly by as Xbox Game Pass continues to rake in money from subscribers every month. An internal project, named “Spartacus”, will now consolidate PlayStation Plus and PlayStation into a new three-tier service. The first tier would be essentially the same as PlayStation Plus and provide access to Sony’s multiplayer network. The second tier would provide subscribers with access to “a large catalog” of PS4 and “eventually” PS5 titles, while the third tier would expand this to include extended demos as well as legacy titles from the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP. .

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Details such as game catalog, monthly fee, launch date and even an official name were not disclosed. But with this latest decision and the promise of an update this week, we might find out soon.

Sony is not the only publisher to want to tackle Game Pass. Humble recently announced that it will be updating its subscription service, Humble Choice, to include an “ever-growing curated library of games” that will start with titles like Void Bastards, Unsighted, and Forager. Subscribers will also have access to all monthly Humble Bundle games where previously they had to choose which games to download.

Humble Choice will launch on February 1. Sony’s new subscription service could very well start around the same time.

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