Rajasthani man poses as IAS officer Tina Dabi and ‘looks for Amazon gift cards’ on WhatsApp

A young man from Dungarpur, Rajasthan has been arrested for attempting to trick others with money and gift cards on WhatsApp using images of IAS officer Tina Dabi, who is a collector from Jaisalmer.


The case came to the fore when Urban Improvement Trust (Administrative Service of Rajasthan) Secretary Sunita Choudhary received a message asking for an Amazon gift card in Tina Dabi’s name.

“Amazon Gift Cards”

Explaining further, Choudhary said she received a message from the fraudster’s number in flawless English on Monday night, which led her to believe it was actually Tina Dabi who had texted her.

Rajasthani man posing as arrested IAS officer Tina Dabi

“I thought she had work. However, the scammer asked me for Amazon gift cards in the messages. But I don’t use Amazon,” Choudhary told India Today.

“Nevertheless, to confirm, I called Tina Dabi, who was shocked to learn of the incident,” she said.

Caught with the police

After learning of the cheating attempt on her behalf, Jaisalmer Collector Tina Dabi immediately informed the Superintendent of Police (SP) about the matter.

Rajasthani man posing as arrested IAS officer Tina Dabi

Police sprang into action and SP Jaisalmer traced the number with the help of cyber team and found its location in Dungarpur district.

The officer then took up the matter with Dungarpur SP after which the youth using the number was arrested. The young arrested is now in custody and is being questioned.

Jaisalmer District Collector Tina Dabi has urged people to be wary of messages from unknown numbers. She also said she only has one official number.

How was the plan executed?

The youngster first registered a phone number on WhatsApp and posted a display photo (DP) of IAS officer Tina Dabi.

Rajasthani man posing as arrested IAS officer Tina Dabi

Posing as Dabi, he would then message unsuspecting people and ask for Amazon gift cards of varying amounts. His modus operandi would seem authentic because his texts were in impeccable English, India today reported.

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