The best TalkAndroid gaming gift cards for the 2021 holiday season

The best thing about online gift cards is that they are easily accessible, you can choose what you spend and they almost never out of stock! Plus, when you really don’t know what to get someone; Buying them anything they want, for the content they enjoy, seems a win-win all around. They’re also a great option for that last minute gift you didn’t know you needed when Aunt Alice brings her friend’s child for Christmas Day!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate makes a great gift if you are looking for video game subscriptions. The pass gives access for 3 months to XBOX Live Gold allowing you to play against others online. It also unlocks hundreds of games with new ones added all the time, discounts on future game releases, and first trials of some new EA titles.

  • Play on console, PC, tablets and phones
  • Play from the cloud on PC, Android or Apple phones and tablets
  • Complete quests and earn Microsoft rewards

the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available on Amazon and priced at $ 44.99

Nintendo Switch Online 12-month membership

the Nintendo Switch 12 month subscription is of great value. This will provide access to compatible games where the recipient can compete against other players or cooperate with them to win games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. They can visit other people or invite other people to visit their in-game island in Animal crossing: new horizons. The subscription gives access to NDA and Super NES offering an organized library of classic games to play online.

  • Save Data Cloud provides online save so that you can easily recover your game data
  • Smartphone app with Nintendo Switch online app
  • Access to special offers reserved for members

the Nintendo Switch 12-month subscription is available on Amazon and costs $ 19.99.

Apple Gift Card

A Apple Gift Card means unlimited access to everything Apple, including games, TV, music and apps (depending on the amount of course). For games, your recipient might purchase a Apple Arcade subscription service providing access to a growing collection of games. The games can be played on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. The Apple Arcade gives access to a smoother experience than that of the App Store.

  • Over 200 games
  • New products, winners and old favorites
  • All without add-ons or in-app purchases
  • Apple Arcade is available on Apple and costs $ 4.99 per month with a one-month free trial.

the Apple Gift Card is available on Amazon and sells for between $ 25 and $ 200 for a card, depending on how much you want to spend

PlayStation Plus: 12 month subscription

the PlayStation Plus: 12 month subscription gives the lucky recipient access to new games every month to play and download. This provides access to multiplayer games where the player can team up with friends and play online. This is a premium service for PS4 that provides access to the fastest multiplayer games, free games every month, as well as exclusive sales and benefits.

  • Exclusive discounts and offers from PlayStation Store
  • 100 GB of cloud storage for PlayStation Plus members

the PlayStation Plus: 12 month subscription is available on Amazon for $ 59.99

GeForce NOW Priority Membership Gift Cards

GeForce NOW Priority Membership Gift Cards are a versatile gift for the gamer in your life. GeForce Now unlocks hundreds of games on just about any laptop, desktop, Mac, Android device, iPhone, iPad, and Shield TV. Priority members can play quality GeForce PC games.

  • RTX enabled
  • Extended sessions
  • Priority access to game servers

the GeForce NOW Priority Membership Gift Card is available on at $ 19.99 for 2 months, $ 49.99 for 6 months, and $ 99.99 for 12 months of access.

Roblox Robux Gift Card

A Roblox Robux Gift Card is a great way to gift Robux of your choice to your player. Robux can be spent on new accessories, emotes, and more in the Avatar Store or can be used to unlock Perks in their favorite game. Roblox has a growing library of community-created experiences, which means there is always something different and innovative to play on Xbox One, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PCs, phones and tablets.

  • Exclusive virtual item included
  • Millions of free games

Roblox Robux Gift Cards are available on Amazon in a variety of denominations. $ 10.00 for an 800 Robux gift card, $ 25.00 for a 200 Robux gift card, $ 50.00 for a 4500 Robux gift card and $ 100.00 for a 10,000 Robux gift card.

Google Play Gift Card

A Google Play Gift Card can be used in the Google play store. The recipient will have a wide choice of Google Play Games, Google Play Apps, Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Books. Google Play Games offers a wide variety of games including puzzles, strategy, action, sports, and many more.

  • The gift of games, apps and more
  • Personalized messages space

Google Play Gift Cards are available on Amazon from a minimum of $ 25, then £ 50.00, $ 75.00, or $ 100.00. Alternatively, you can choose your own amount.

Michael N. Clark