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You’ve seen the scene in the movies: An actor walks over to a tray filled with bottles of brown liquid, opens a decanter, and pours a few fingers of whiskey into a beautifully cut glass tumbler. No longer confined to the movies, the popularity of whiskey across the world has steadily increased, and a whiskey gift box can add a touch of glamor to any evening cocktail.

What to know before buying a whiskey gift box

The whiskey glasses are part of a whiskey gift box. There are also other considerations.

There are almost as many styles of glassware as there are types of whiskey in the world. Whether you choose a classic cut glass tumbler with straight edges or a more delicate and intricately shaped container, the style of the set – glasses and accessories – should match the style of the person receiving it.

You want to make sure that the whiskey gift box you buy has enough glasses to accommodate the number of drinkers. If your whiskey gift box includes a decanter, make sure it also contains a substantial amount of whiskey.

Many whiskey gift sets come with ice cube substitutes. These ice cube substitutes can come in the form of small whiskey stones or large stainless steel spheres. There are pros and cons to both. Some whiskey drinkers prefer the clean look of the stainless steel spheres, while others insist that the whiskey stones keep the drink cooler.

Glasses and decanters can be made from anything from crystal to heavy cut glass. Other materials in your whiskey gift box may include natural stone and stainless steel.

Features of the whiskey gift box

Whiskey stones or spheres

Some whiskey drinkers want their whiskey cold, but don’t prefer it diluted with melting ice. The whiskey stones or spheres are frozen and then added to the whiskey for a slight cooling which does not affect the taste of the drink.

A classic, handmade gift box makes everything inside that much more special. Look for wooden boxes for a traditional look, or go funky and choose a metal box. Some whiskey boxes also allow you to personalize your gift.

Coasters are another special touch that you can include in a whiskey gift box. Some are made of stone for a more substantial feel, while others can be wood, cork, metal, or fabric.

For whiskey gift sets that don’t include whiskey stones or spheres, look for a matching tongs set. This makes it easier to add ice.

For the whiskey connoisseur, a decanter is a final touch of elegance. They come in a wide variety of styles that can suit the preferences of any whiskey drinker.

Whiskey gift boxes can be purchased between $ 30 and $ 80. This price does not include the whiskey itself.

What are whiskey stones or spheres used for?

A. Whiskey stones or spheres serve two purposes. The first and most obvious objective is to prevent the whiskey from being diluted with melted ice water.

The second goal is something that most non-whiskey drinkers don’t consider. The water that is used to make ice is filled with chemicals like fluoride (and other natural minerals as well). These compounds that we generally cannot taste when drinking from the tap can affect the overall taste of whiskey. Whiskey purists make their own crystal clear ice with neutral tasting water or use whiskey stones or spheres to chill their drinks.

Whiskey stones are made of granite, which is a non-porous stone that does not contaminate the flavor of the whiskey even with repeated use.

How long can you keep whiskey in a decanter?

A. The shelf life of an opened bottle of whiskey is between 6 months and 2 years. When decanting, this lifespan is shorter because the decanters are generally not waterproof. Decanted whiskey should be consumed within a month for best flavor.

How to maintain a whiskey gift box?

A. Hand washing is the best way to keep your whiskey gift box in pristine condition. Use warm water and a mild detergent, then dry and buff with a clean, lint-free towel. Store all the parts of your whiskey gift box in their original box.

Which whiskey gift box should I buy?

The best of the best whiskey gift box

Whiskey Stones & Decanter box: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This stylish set is a luxurious gift for whiskey drinkers.

What we like: Everything you need to serve premium whiskeys is included in this set: two 11 ounce whiskey glasses, a 30 ounce whiskey decanter (both thick crystal), a sachet and a freezer base, stainless steel whiskey coasters, tongs and scoops.

What we don’t like: While users all loved the set, the box it comes in is a bit flimsy.

The best value for money of the whiskey gift box

Whiskey Stones and Glasses Gift Box: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This is a great set for the solo whiskey connoisseur in your life.

What we like: The recipient will be able to whip up the perfect whiskey glass with the items in this set which includes a heavy whiskey glass, four whiskey stones and a slate coaster. Tongs and a velvet pouch for the whiskey stones are also included, and the set comes in a handmade wooden box. It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee (or a replacement guarantee if the set is faulty).

What we don’t like: Users have noted that the stones do not get particularly cold.

Honorable mention whiskey box

Whiskey Globe decanter: available at Amazon

Our opinion : Turn your favorite whiskey into an eye-catching object with this globe decanter.

What we like: This crystal clear, lead-free safety glass decanter is round and engraved with a world map. It nests in a wooden cradle and rests on a wooden base that contains four rounded glasses also engraved with maps. The airtight cap prevents evaporation and the set is packaged in a gift box.

What we don’t like: Safety glass is thinner than crystal, which makes it insignificant.

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