TikTok has mixed feelings about tips with gift cards

Tipping can be a hotly debated topic, especially during the pandemic amid widespread shortages of hospitality workers. The conversation from a video by TIC Tac user @kaittwest is no exception. In it, she and her dining partner are shown leaving a $ 25 Amazon gift card as a tip for their server at a restaurant. Some commentators have supported the movement. “The Amazon gift card is worth the money,” commented @TrentonHeard. Hotel workers like @the_ggs replied, “As a waitress I would love that! Lol $ 25 is over 20% too.” Another positive aspect of this tip strategy that a few reviewers have pointed out is that an Amazon gift card is tax free.

On the other side of the argument, many users wondered if the gift card actually contained the full $ 25 balance. “Check the balance … $ 1.85,” @babypepino said, while another TikTok user said, “The gift card has $ 0.37 in it.” The video does not tell if the card has already been used or not. Another interesting point was from @CHEetos, who said, “Imagine the waitress or the waiter is anti-Amazon”, which is not uncommon. The guest in the video can get points for their ingenuity, but it remains to be seen whether the waiter was happy with this tip.

Michael N. Clark