Top 7 Best Gift Cards to Sell in Nigeria and Ghana (2022)

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They say change is inevitable, which applies to gift card pricing. Gift card prices are not fixed.

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7 Best Gift Cards to Sell in Nigeria and Ghana

Here are the lists of the top 7 gift cards with the highest rates you can ever sell in Nigeria today.

  • Steam Gift Card
  • American Express (AMEX) Gift Card
  • Apple Gift Card (iTunes)
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Razer Gold Gift Card
  • Sephora gift card.
  1. Steam Gift Card

Over the years, Steam Gift Card is known to be the gift card with the highest rates in Nigeria and Ghana.

Most people or almost all gift card merchants like to redeem this card because of its high monetary value.

If you are a gamer or love games, Steam Gift Card is something you should look for.

Steam Cards can be used to purchase games, software, hardware and other in-game items.

One of the most popular and best-selling cards is the UK Steam physical gift card.

Below are the best-selling denominations and categories of Steam Gift Cards.

  • UK Steam Card (£20 – £500)
  • Euro Steam Card (€20 – €500)
  • Steam USA Card ($50 – $500)
  • UK Steam Code (£20 – £500)
  • Steam CHF (20 – 500) etc.
  1. American Express (AMEX) Gift Card

You can use the AMEX Gift Card to purchase goods and services at cafes, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

American Express can be used anywhere in the United States.

However, you cannot top up the American Express (AMEX).

AMEX cards are sold in 3 categories, the highest category being the most sold; they include.

  • American Express ($300-$500)
  • American Express ($100-$299)
  • AMEX Card ($50-$99).
  1. Apple Gift Card (iTunes)

Apple Gift Card (iTunes) is one of the best gift cards with high rate.

You can use Apple Gift Cards to purchase items from the Apple Store. These items include iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and other devices.

The Apple Gift Card (iTunes) is entirely separate from Apple Gift Cards.

These are two different categories of cards when trading on the GiftCardsToNaira platform.

Below are the top selling categories of Apple iTunes Gift Cards with high rates.

  • iTunes (Greece/Luxembourg/Portugal)
  • iTunes (Portugal)
  • iTunes (Spain)
  • Apple iTunes (Austria)
  • Apple iTunes (France)
  • Apple iTunes Switzerland CHF (25 – 200).
  1. Google Play Gift Card

Google Play Gift Card is also one of the best gift cards for sale in Nigeria and Ghana with high rates.

Google Play Cards are no slouch here; they are some of the best gift cards in Nigeria today.

One can use Google Play gift cards to purchase music, movies, apps, and books.

However, the British physical Google Play card is the best-selling among the other categories.

Below are the top selling Google Play Gift Cards with high rates in Nigeria today.

  • UK Google Play Card (£25 – £500)
  • US Google Play Card ($100-$500)
  • Google Play CHF ($50 – $99) etc.
  1. Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom gift cards are among the most popular gift cards with the highest resale rates in Nigeria.

You can use the Nordstrom Gift Card to purchase high-end fashionable items online and in retail stores.

The Nordstrom physical gift card in the United States is the best-selling card among the categories.

Physical cards come with 16 digits and an 8-digit access number, usually sealed.

Nordstrom gift card redemption categories include;

  • Nordstrom ($100-$500)
  • Nordstrom ($50-$99).
  1. Razer Gold Gift Card

Razer Gold is a virtual gift card for players around the world, it is available as a physical card and an Ecode PIN.

The Razer Gold Gift Card can be used to purchase gaming items, laptops, apparel and also purchase other items only from the Razer Gold website.

US Razer Gold cards and codes are in high demand as one of the high rate gift cards in 2022.

Check out the best-selling categories available for Razer Gold gift card redemption.

  • Razer Gold ($100 – $1,000)
  • Razer code ($100 – $500)
  • Razer Gold ($25-$99) etc.
  1. Sephora gift card

Sephora is a beauty brand specializing in beauty products for women.

If you are so interested in your skincare and maintaining your beauty, Sephora is the best place to shop for beauty products.

However, the Sephora brand also provides and offers gift cards to customers.

You can redeem these gift cards on any beauty brand available on Sephora’s website or mobile app.

Each Sephora gift card comes with a pin, which is sealed on the back, making it the Sephora credit card.

Top selling categories for the Sephora Gift Card include;

  • Sephora USA ($100-$500)
  • Sephora USA ($50-$99)
  • US Sephora Code ($50 – $500)
  • CAD Sephora ($100-$500).

Where to sell gift cards in Nigeria?

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So that’s all you need to know about the Best Gift Cards to Sell in Nigeria and Ghana 2022.

These are the best gift cards with high rates currently in 2022.

You can still get these gift cards and redeem them comfortably on the GiftcardstoNaira platform.

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