Trade in your old devices for Amazon gift cards. here’s how

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Lately, it seems like every tech maker has a product or two hitting the market on a monthly basis. Then there are companies like Amazon that are expected to release dozens of products in a day. All this to say that we consumers have more gadgets and devices to buy than ever before – even if the economy suggests we should take a step back on spending.

It also means that our older technology is becoming less flashy by the day and will eventually find its way into that drawer full of other retired gadgets – gathering dust, forgotten. Unless you return the device(s) through a take-back program.

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How to Use Amazon’s Trade-in Program

from Amazon Exchange program is a quick and easy service that converts unwanted tech into Amazon gift cards and/or discounts. It’s also a satisfying way to recycle old electronics for free. Here is a step by step overview of the service. You’ll be surprised how many products – from Amazon and not – qualify for a decent trade-in offer.

You will want to start from Amazon Trading Portal. You can either choose from a range of Amazon-owned product categories, such as Kindles, tablets, streaming media players, and Echo speakers, or search the “Other Exchange Categories” section, which includes cell phones and games.

Opening a category tab presents you with a manual search bar and a list of products currently registered to your Amazon account. Select the item(s) you wish to exchange.

The potential trade-in value (and discount) will be listed next to each product name and model.

Amazon Exchange Program Kindle Search

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Once you have selected your item(s) to redeem, a qualification questionnaire will appear for you to complete.

Questions revolve around the condition and status of your trade-in items, including if they are cracked or damaged, can hold a charge, and more depending on the type of electronics. Your answers will be evaluated during the inspection process, so you’ll want to be as honest and accurate as possible.

If an inaccuracy is found, you can choose between taking a lower estimated trade-in value for the electronics or having Amazon ship it back to your shipping address. The latter is not usually offered with exchange programs, so it is good to see.

Amazon Exchange Program Questionnaire

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Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive a UPS shipping label to pack and deliver your items. The prepaid label is free – for you, at least – and you’ll have 45 days to ship the package to Amazon. Be sure to use the label provided and not your own, as the tracking information is for your specific exchange.

Point: If you are shipping a smartphone, tablet or device that contains personal information, make sure it is reset and cleaned before handing it over. Also record and take photos of the state of electronics. This helps in the event of shipping damage and/or Amazon claiming that what you described was inaccurate.

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Once the package has been dispatched and received, Amazon advises that it will take a maximum of 10 days to assess the item(s) and process the exchange offer, whether in the form of an Amazon gift card and/or ‘a discount. on certain products. In case of problem, you can visit the Exchange page for more information or contact an online representative for assistance.

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How long will it take to receive my trade-in credit?

According to Amazon’s trade-in program website, you should receive your trade-in credit within 10 days of your items arriving at the sorting facility.

What condition should my items be in?

Amazon’s trade-in program accepts items ranging from non-functional to undamaged. Depending on the degree of damage or condition of the electronics, you will receive less or more credit back.

How long do I have to ship my device?

You have 45 days after providing the prepaid shipping label to ship your device(s). The best course of action is to drop off the shipment at a local UPS store and request a drop off receipt to confirm delivery.

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