Verizon promised $500 gift cards to switch services, but that’s not what happened, according to a customer

It was time to change.

In November 2021, Gerard and Diane Drappi dropped their Xfinity mobile phone service and switched to Verizon.

The carrier was attracting new customers with a discount program that offered customers a $500 gift card for each dial-up phone line.

The couple said they went to a Verizon store in Toms River and moved for two lines.

“The sales representative informed us of the current promotion and said that we would be entitled to two gift cards,” said Gerard Drappi. “He said he would send me a link to my cell phone to request the discounts.”

He said he received the link and when he returned home, he completed the requested information and received a notification that he had been approved. He tried the link a second time for the promotion linked to his wife’s phone, but he indicated that the request had already ended.

“I thought the only request was for both lines on one account,” he said.

He was wrong.


A few weeks later, Drappi said, he received an email from Verizon saying the gift card was for his phone number, but there was none for his wife.

He called customer service on Dec. 20, he said.

The representative reviewed the account, which indicated that only one refund had been requested.

“I explained that we brought two lines and should get two gift cards,” Drappi said. “The rep confirmed that we brought two lines and they will submit an escalation form to the Refunds Division for review and we should have a response in five to seven business days.”

By December 31, he hadn’t heard back, so Drappi said he called back.

“I was informed that the escalation form had been submitted but there was no update,” he said. “The rep, whose name I didn’t write down, said he’d check it out and get back to me. They never called me back. :”

He called a week later, but there was no update yet, he said.

Drappi gave him time and called back on Feb. 18, he said.

This time he was transferred to the refunds division, he said.

“The person I spoke to there said they had no record of my requests and (that) really couldn’t help me because they had limited access to our account,” said Drappi said.

So he called customer service again. The rep said there were no updates, but said the problem was likely because rebates should have been submitted from each phone line, he said, noting that the promotion ended on January 4th.

“He told me to contact the refunds department to see if they could help and I said I had already spoken to them and they had no record of the escalation form submitted,” Drappi said. . “He then said he would ask a supervisor if we would be able to get credit for our billing.”

The supervisor said no, but said he would fill out another escalation form, Drappi said.

“I think Verizon should honor the original offer of a $500 gift card for the second line,” he said. “At first I thought maybe it was a glitch in the system that was causing the problem. Now, after speaking to several reps, I have been advised that requests should have been sent from each telephone. “

“It’s really unfair that we don’t receive the second gift card, which, by the way, can only be used for Verizon products,” he said.


After reviewing Drappi’s story, we asked Verizon to review the case.

He said he would look into it.

Less than 24 hours later, Drappi says he received a call.

“(The rep said) she was personally handling my complaint and I should receive the gift card within 72 hours,” Drappi said.

We asked Verizon what happened, but it declined to comment, citing customer privacy concerns.

Drappi said he was glad the case was resolved in his favor, but said the experience had been disappointing.

“The experience with Verizon was very frustrating because although I believe the reps were trying to help me, they never called back when they said they would,” he said. “It was also frustrating that after being told by reps that the case was still being reviewed by the Refunds Department, the Refunds Department had no record of the request for review.”

Thanks to Verizon for making the correction, and we hope this gives the company a case for improving customer service.

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