What to do with unwanted gift cards in Nigeria

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It is humbling and pleasant to receive gifts. It shows that someone or people care about you and have taken their time and resources to give you something special, for whatever reason. While this may not be the only reason people end up with unused and unwanted gift cards, it is the most common. You may have bought a few and realized you can’t use them all, or you just made a bad buy. It’s not the end of the world, we’ve all made slightly wrong financial decisions here and there.

The hurdle with the gift card is the fact that it can only be redeemed in their designated brands. This means you can only use Amazon Gift Cards to pay for items at Amazon only and not at Walmart, and Google Play Gift Card can only be used on the Google Play Store, not on ShopRite. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in a bind. There are some remedies that can be taken to make your unused gift cards useful to you again.

Today I will tell you two ways to use your unwanted gift cards in Nigeria.

2 Ways To Use Unwanted Gift Cards In Nigeria

Inasmuch as these digital assets simplify payments, it would be unrealistic to say that there are not a few setbacks with these digital assets in the country. To be fair, not all major brand gift cards fully work and can be redeemed in the country. If you have one, you can simply;

1. Re-gift your gift cards

One of the smartest ways to use your unwanted gift card is to give it to loved ones on a special occasion. whether it is a gift card whose brand does not correspond to your tastes or which does not operate in the country, it is almost impossible for you not to have a relative or a friend to whom such an asset can be useful to him.

This way you save yourself extra expenses on their special days. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

2. Sell your gift cards for cash

I know this point immediately caught your attention. It is very possible and doable even in Nigeria. Sell ​​your unused gift card for cash has to be the fastest way to rejuvenate any dead love you have with your digital asset. Just the thought of your card being a direct way to get money is exciting.

No, you don’t have to post the gift card on your social media or tell everyone at work that you’re looking to sell your gift card if that’s what you think. There is a much safer and faster way to do this, which is to sell your gift cards on Cardtonic.

What is Cardtonic?

Cardtonic is a modern gift card exchange platform, which aims to help individuals in Nigeria get the right amount for all their gift cards securely and on time. With this app, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to sell because it’s easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about getting ripped or delayed payments either.

How can I get the app?

Cardtonic is super easy to locate, the app is available on both IOS and Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you can sign up and start trading in minutes.

Now you have no reason to leave your gift cards on your kitchen shelf or on a cupboard somewhere, you are welcome.

Michael N. Clark