Why to Sell or Not to Sell Gift Cards in 2022

The gift card redemption business is not new in Nigeria, but most people are still quite unaware of how it works and its benefits. In today’s article, I explain exactly why you should start redeeming gift cards in Nigeria in 2022, how to do it, and the best platform to do it.

What is a gift card?

Gift cards are prepaid cards. These cards are loaded with a specific amount of money which is then used to purchase products and services from particular stores. Stores issue these cards and they serve as an alternative method of payment. They come in different forms, counties and denominations.

Gift card forms

Gift cards exist in two forms:

  1. Physical cards: These are plastic cards issued by physical points of sale.
  2. E-gift cards: They are also called Ecocodes. These are digital codes purchased online and sent to your email address or phone number.

Benefits of Gift Cards

  1. THESE ARE GOOD GIFTS: When you’re thinking of giving someone a gift card from their favorite store is always a good idea.
  2. Freedom to buy what you want: With a gift card, you have the freedom to buy what you want in the store, as long as the amount does not exceed the amount indicated on the card.
  3. It helps you stick to a budget: Do you tend to always go over budget when shopping? You’re not alone. With a gift card, since you cannot exceed the amount stipulated on your card, it helps you stick to a tight budget.
  4. You can resell them: This particular point has helped many Nigerians. Some stores are not available in Nigeria, so owning a gift card from there might seem pretty pointless, but it is not. You can resell the cards for cash!

Redeem Gift Cards in Nigeria

$3 billion worth of gift cards went unused in 2019 and ⅓ of people received a gift card they never used. As I mentioned earlier, some stores like Sephora, Walmart and others do not have branches in Nigeria and their gift cards do not work here. Also, some people get steam gift cards even if they don’t play games, while some get google play gift cards when using an iPhone. So what do you do when you have a gift card you can’t use? Sell ​​them for cash! Unused gift cards only benefit retailers, not you. So why not take advantage of it too by redeeming your gift cards for cash.

How do you do that?

How to redeem your gift cards for cash in Nigeria

To redeem your gift cards for cash in Nigeria, you will need a reliable platform to do so. It is so easy to get scammed by dodgy trading platforms. They are either fake platforms that just want your money, or trading platforms with poor service.

If you want to easily redeem your gift cards, I recommend CARDTONIC APPLICATION.

To redeem your gift cards, you will need information such as gift card type, category, amount on the card, and other information specified by the platform you are using.

How much will I receive for my gift card?

Gift card prices are not constant, they change frequently. So you need to keep an eye on your cards’ daily rate updates to determine the best time you’ll like to sell them.

The rate you will get for your card depends on the type of gift card, the county and shape of the card and the amount on the card.

Your gift card information determines the amount you will receive for your card.


Let’s end the waste of unused gift cards and start making money from them. Redeeming gift cards is simple and should be a seamless experience with the right platform.

For more information on redeeming gift cards for cash in Nigeria, look at this

Michael N. Clark