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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – October 26, 2021 – These days, the epidemic has made social distancing the norm. However, according to a research report from Coresight Research, an international market research organization, the corporate gifts market is expected to exceed $ 242 billion this year. During the depressing days of fighting the epidemic, many companies showed their appreciation to customers and employees. In order to make corporate gifts more innovative and targeted, Zive One, a Hong Kong gift company, launched a bespoke corporate gift service. Comprehensive personalized service makes it easy for businesses to create gifts that melt the heart and show off a company’s style.

To create eye-catching corporate gifts

As an online gift shop, Zive One also offers popular gifts like snacks, wines, and tonics, but specializes in creative and famous gifts from around the world, including red wine and sparkling wine from around the world. well-known brands, dragon beard candies that evoke childhood memories, and various new gifts such as aged chocolate, edible flower lollipops, and more. These innovative giveaways are hard to bury at every giveaway carnival, and they can ease the depression of not being able to travel overseas. Zive One CEO said that in order to avoid producing boring and repetitive corporate gifts, they strive to provide new gifts that are captive and meet the more detailed needs of different people. In addition, they will expand the types of gifts and provide more unique and hilarious gifts.

Comprehensive personalized services that make the waves of the brand explode

In recent years, many companies have launched “gift wars”, such as beauty calendars from Jo Malone, L’Occitane en Provence, Estée Lauder or other brands, the Christmas gift box from Very, the music gift box from Xiaomi, the “Great Wall Bricks” from Tencent, and so on. They are not only creative and interesting, but also show off their distinctive business styles, which have managed to grab the attention of the public. With the increase in the behavior of companies when it comes to gifts, many companies hope to create more distinctive gifts, which is why they aspire to a full service of personalized corporate gifts.

And Zive One can meet the need for a fully personalized corporate gift service. Companies can not only personalize their gift baskets, but also create the gifts they want from the appearance of a single gift to the packaging of the entire gift box with the techniques of laser engraving, screen printing, wire drawing, etc. . In addition, some gifts can change flavor as they wish. So far, Zive One only supports mass personalization of gifts, but this is refreshing news for businesses as they can personalize more distinctive and delicious gifts.

In addition, Zive One also provides self-branding services to help businesses build their own brands and create unique or topical products. Nowadays, many brands have started cross-marketing, like KFC Fried Chicken Nail Polish, Zippo Perfume, Carlsberg Beer Wash & Care Products, etc., have created products eye-catchers with vivid imaginations and have ignited social media. . For businesses that want to attract more customers or want to go viral through current events, Zive One’s self-branding services will be of great help.

Simple steps to complete personalization and gift delivery

Zive One’s personalization and gift delivery services are also simple and convenient. The user can select the desired gift, provide recipient information, submit gift and packaging requirements, and confirm the order to complete the order. Then, Zive One will deliver the gifts directly to the recipient’s door. Users can log into the Zive One website at any time to verify the delivery of an order. Thus, it saves the complicated gift design process and the logistics process.

Although corporate gift behavior is growing rapidly and the demand for personalized gifts is also increasing, the quality of gifts remains important to businesses. Zive One CEO said, “We will adhere to strict equipment inspections and quality control to ensure product quality. In addition, our products are made at the place of origin, so that everyone can enjoy the delicious charm and benefits. of special goods in the world.

About Zive One

Social media iconZive One is one of the leading providers of high quality gifts, offering self-branding services and full gift personalization services, such as corporate gift personalization, Social media iconpersonalization of business gifts, etc. The goal is to create the best trendy products at reasonable prices. In addition to quality products, it also provides Social media iconOEM services for customized products and helps Hong Kong companies to create their own brands.


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